What you want to know about Coffee Packaging

What you want to know about Coffee Packaging

November 03, 2017

Are you overwhelmed with all the packaging options in the market for your products? There are many options when it comes to choosing your packaging for coffee. Here are steps to guide you in selecting the best packaging:

Step 1: Decide what structure you need to ensure the maintenance of product quality and maximum shelf life. We recommend a metalized layer in lamination to block the UV light to prevent product degradation. Metalized films such as foil, MPET, MOPP & MCPP are commonly used. High barrier film will keep out moisture & oxygen to avoid oxidation. For instance, EVOH works great for strong flavoured coffee. Our experts will create the most suitable structure tailored to your coffee.

Step 2: Choose the packaging style that fits your need. Depends on the scale of your business and packaging method, we offer custom print and stock options. If you are packaging manually or with the open mouth execution, pouches will be the best option. For businesses that employ automation packaging such as Vertical Form Filled System (VFFS), rollstock is the most suitable.

Step 3: Determine the closure. User friendly options such as tin-tie or resealable zipper make it easier for consumers to reseal your product and keep it fresh. 
Enhancement: Degassing valve can be added to allow excessive gas (CO2) to escape while preventing oxygen from entering the bag.

A closer look at different packaging styles:


 Coffee Gusset Bag Valved

-Common coffee packaging in the market

-Display areas: front & back panels, 2 side panels

-Suitable for manual, semi-automation packaging

 Block Bottom Bag Tin Tie

-Premium coffee packaging in the market

-Display areas: front & back panels, 2 side panels, bottom panel

-Suitable for manual, semi-automation packaging

 Stand Up Pouch Zipper

-Common coffee packaging in the market

-Display areas: front & back panels, bottom panel

-Suitable for manual, semi-automation packaging

 Roll Stock vertical form filled system

-Common coffee packaging in the market

-Display area: depends on the design

-Suitable for Vertical Form Filled System (VFFS) packaging

 When designs come alive:

 coffee packaging side gusset bag

tea bakery packaging roll stock

Lynnpak is proud of our high precision Rotogravure printing capability. In addition, we offer registered matte printing to make your design pop. Our advance pouch-making machines will make your bag stand out on the shelves.

Get in touch with us by filling out this contact form or call us at 416-321-9707. Let us help you to create the best packaging solution.

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