Lynnpak's ECO-SP

June 16, 2021

 Lynnpak’s registered trademark “ECO-SP” represents our Eco-friendly Sustainable Packaging Collection. We understand the importance of reducing carbon footprint and our responsibility to help protect the environment. ECOSP has enabled us to provide sustainable packaging solution in addition to conventional packaging. Explore our compostable and recyclable options to find what best suit your needs.

What is compostable plastic film
Compostable plastic film is made with organic compounds. It is capable to decompose into natural elements like soil in a compostable environment, with specific conditions of wind, sunlight, drainage, and other factors while leaving no toxicity in the soil.

Compostable vs Conventional
Great efforts have been invested in the bioplastic industry to bring advances to the compostable plastic film today. Here’s the comparison between a standard laminate structure with compostable film to conventional film. The printing layer of the compostable film allows both surface and reverse printing with good visual quality same as the conventional film. The compostable film offers comparable barrier properties against moisture, light, gas, and aroma depending on the technical requirements. Finally, the compostable sealing layer works just as well with tenacity, steal strength and provides seal integrity that fit various packaging applications. To conclude, if you are interested in compostable packaging but have concerns about the shelf life of your products, it is possible to build a packaging that fit your needs.


Advantage of compostable packaging
Reducing the carbon footprint is one of the greatest benefits. Compostable packaging divert waste from landfill and offers a more environmentally friendly option in product end of life treatment. This business decision also conveys your dedication in supporting sustainable development and determination in practicing social responsibility.

Film Certificates

 USDA_Certificate  Home_compost_certificate  BPI_certificate  Compostable_certificate  PEFC_certificate  FSC_certificate 

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