Packaging Structure Selection

Packaging Structure Selection

September 11, 2019

Attracting the eyes of your customer is important, but selecting the correct structure for your packaging is crucial in maintaining your product’s quality, stability and freshness.  Read more about the basics of packaging structures below.

 vacuum bag fresh meat fish

 Single layer product made of 20% Nylon & 80% PE
 Sealable, puncture resistant, vacuumable
 Oxygen, moisture, and oil barrier
 Available at various thicknesses
 Non-print, or low aesthetic requirements
• Commonly used for Seafood, Meat

 OTR MAP packaging for salad

 Consists of print (outer) layer & contacting (inner) layer
 Suitable for products with medium durability and barrier requirements
• Commonly used for Frozen Foods, Seafood, Cheese, Meat, Snacks, Sauces, Salads and other Fresh Produce, Hot/Cold Gel Packs

 coffee tea pet food packaging

 Consists of print (outer), barrier (middle), and contacting (inner) layer
 Suitable for products with medium-high durability and barrier requirements
• Commonly used for Coffee & Tea, Dried Foods, Powdered Mixes, Pet Foods

 high barrier oxygen light bag

 Customizable features based on product requirements and design of packaging
 Suitable for products with high durability and barrier requirements

 Valve Tin tie Zipper

• Valves allow gases to exit the bag without compromising barrier
• Zippers and tin-ties are useful for re-sealing bags
Perforations allow products to breathe


Material Attributes Chart

packaging structure selection chart

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