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What makes a packaging suitable for fresh & frozen food?

July 19, 2021

What makes a packaging suitable for fresh & frozen food?

Fresh pre-prepped & raw food and frozen food are commonly seen in every household. You might ask, what are the keys to keep them fresh, what kind of film structure is optimal for extending product shelf life. Here’s a guide to helping you choose the most suitable packaging solution(s) that can enhance and optimize the overall consumer experience.

  • Vacuum packaging
    Great for fresh and processed meats, cheeses, frozen food, nuts, grains and more. Vacuum packaging allows the content to be stored in an environment without gas partially or completely. This practice can extend the shelf life by eliminate the gas degradation. The compacted result of vacuum also makes transportation and storage more efficiently.  
    Vacuum Bag with beef chicken fish vegetable
  • MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)
    A popular choice for dried fruit, nuts, potato chips and more. This allows the gas composition in the packaging to be controlled. The gas composition can be different ratio of oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Different packaging content may react to gas in its own way, for example, low oxygen will slow down the respiration rate, and this will extend the shelf life of vegetables.
    Modified Atmosphere Packaging with fresh produce

Tell us about your product(s) and one of our packaging design specialists will help you determine which film is most suitable for you.   

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