2 lb Block Bottom Bag with Pocket Zipper - Matte Black - 700 Pcs/Box



  • W X H + G: 5.51" x 12.99" + 3.74"
  • 2 lb / 31-35 oz / 1 kg (weight of coffee beans)
  • Metalized structure

  • This Matte Black block bottom bag with pocket zipper is a large sized bag. The pocket zipper feature allows for easy opening and resealing, which helps maintain your product's freshness. Its defined edges and flat bottom will surely make your product stand up and stand out nicely on the shelf. The matte finish gives it a sophisticated look; which can easily be customized to your product by using labels and stickers. It is a high barrier bag against moisture and oxygen. The option to add a valve is available.
  • 1 lb Block Bottom Bag - 4.64" x 8.85" + 3.14"
    2 lb Block Bottom Bag - 5.51" x 12.99" + 3.74" (Matte Black Only)