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2 lb Block Bottom Bag - Matte Black

700 Bags/Box


  • W X H + G: 5.51" x 12.99" + 3.74"
  • 2 lb / 31-35 oz / 1 kg (weight of coffee beans)
  • Metalized structure

  • This Matte Black block bottom bag is a large sized bag. Its defined edges and flat bottom will surely make your product stand up and stand out nicely on the shelf. The matte finish gives it a sophisticated look; which can easily be customized to your product by using labels and stickers. It is a high barrier bag against moisture and oxygen. The option to add accessories such as valve and tin tie is available.
  • 1 lb Block Bottom Bag - 4.64" x 8.85" + 3.14"
    2 lb Block Bottom Bag - 5.51" x 12.99" + 3.74"

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